Making Way for Community Entrepreneurs

Community entrepreneurs are typically organizations or groups that seek out and act upon opportunities to change communities and generate a positive impact on community values. Why this differs from social entrepreneurship is that a number of social entrepreneurship models focus on people and drawback. Community entrepreneurship focuses on the community as a whole and creates an awareness of prosperity for all.

• A new indoor-outdoor community center in a built-up neighborhood

• A community focus on activities that reduce the carbon footprint

• Making strategic use of IT to connect communities

• Developing community identities through music and the arts

They have a story to tell – a story that has changed your community. Or they likely have not stepped forward to make their mark yet? Here are some ways to spot the community entrepreneur or even one in the making. Community entrepreneurs have a very clear idea of what they need to achieve – both physically and in terms of influence on the community.

Their vision is ambitious and groundbreaking by anyone’s standard. Their challenge isn’t merely to find the attention and support of their community but to maintain the community individually as all good things take time to construct. Bringing a new concept to fruition requires strategic thinking. New ideas challenge people who are slower to make a change.

From the beginning, community entrepreneurs think and plan over the fray. Conserving energy to concentrate on achieving outcomes, community entrepreneurs concentrate on big-picture thinking. Don’t attempt to down them, they will find a way to proceed no matter what the obstacle. To work, they have to have the ability to comprehend and communicate well to affect change.

These groups operate within the community so the shift they’re influencing impacts on them too. They are already discussing the language of the community. Their role is to inspire and direct through dialogue within the community and find the help of stakeholders and other agents of change to achieve the desired effects.

On the way, others may need more control or will fade into the background when things aren’t going to plan. Individual personalities can make or break a community enterprise. Sooner or later, the team leading the project must step forward and possess its duty, particularly when it comes to financing, resources, and procedure. Negotiations take a steady nerve as they walk the tightrope of change.

Navigating obstacles, ducking the slings and arrows of resistance, community entrepreneurs harness their eyesight and begin with a target and use a strategy to get there. Propelled by the positive energy which permeates throughout the community, they will triumph. The only thing holding you back is your own self-doubt.

Smash the chains once and for all and bring the fantasy to life. Congratulations. There is no better time to begin than now. The Community Entrepreneur is a business set up to encourage aspiring community entrepreneurs through the challenges and opportunities that have to be addressed in order to achieve long term success.

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